Calligraphy Starter Kit

Becket Hitch

Calligraphy Starter Kit
  • Calligraphy Starter Kit
  • Calligraphy Starter Kit
  • $ 60.00

We love calligraphy and cannot get enough of good tools, and reminders on how to form our letters. This set gets us well on our way to beautiful signage, and stunning envelopes good enough to make all your besties jealous. 

The 411...

  • 1 natural woodpen holder
  • 2 nibs
  • 1 10 ml. bottle of aqua J. Herbin Ink
  • Exemplars of Bailey Amon Rivera's Vintage calligraphy style (1 Uppercase and 1 Lowercase)
  • Practice Paper Sheets

**This is a kit of favorite tools and exemplars (diagramed letter-form guides). It does not include a how-to book or calligraphy lessons.**

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