Leftovers Bags

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A tale of two Thanksgivings...

1. You are invited to someone else's house for Thanksgiving is great! No cooking, no cleaning, and a (hopefully) great meal. Fast forward to 9pm that night, or 3pm the next day and you open up your fridge to make the perfect Thanksgiving sandwich, but sadly there are no leftovers...

2. You host all your friends and family and want to make sure that you have enough food so you WAY over prepare. Everyone loves dinner, eats and eats, but there are still so many leftovers. Great you think, I love Thanksgiving food. Fast forward to Sunday and you never want to see stuffing again...

HOORAY! There is a solution to both tales. Introducing the leftovers bags. Pack your guest up a little take home platter so they can enjoy a Thanksgiving meal at home, and you can enjoy your leftovers without the guilt of throwing them away. 



  • set of 4
  • 10 x 6 x 10

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