Pom Pom Push-Pop Confetti Popper!

Becket Hitch

Pom Pom Push-Pop Confetti Popper!
  • $ 16.00

Cover your world with pom poms! Seriously who does not love a pom pom. Shower your friends with these fluffy little balls of joy and celebrate all of your best moments together. 

Please note there is no “fire-power” in this product. It is a simple machine. You must, as we say, “serve it like a volleyball” after taking the lid off. The best method for pom pom flying fun is to hit the stick on the middle of the palm of your hand. We recommend taking the lid off so that you can save it for future use of the food-safe container.


Note: Small pom poms inside, product not suitable for children under the age of 3. 

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