Scratch Map

When I was expecting my son one of the first purchases I made was a map for his room. Not completely unusual, well ok... maybe a little, but this map is special. It's a scratch map, and as we travel with him, and eventually further down the road he travels on his own, we scratch off the places that he has been.

USA Scratch Map at becket Hitch


I decided to start with the USA map since we are not doing much international travel these days. He can graduated to the world map when he is older. To hang it I simply purchased a frame, removed the glass, place the map, and hung it on his wall. This way whenever we return home from a trip I simply take it down, scratch away and presto, it's ready to hang back up!


Scratch Map USA Close Up at Becket Hitch

The map is coated in gold foil, like that of a lotto card, which means you can scratch off where you have been and keep a tangible record of your trips.

Scratch Map USA Close Up at Becket Hitch

Scratch Map Close Up at Becket Hitch


I hope that your summer travels have taken you to wonderful places. I love having traditions based around traveling as a way to remember where we have been and where we are going.

XO - Kohli

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