Four-Hour Baguettes

4 Hour Baguette

As things have been calming down a bit after the holidays I am finally stepping back into the kitchen. One of my first forays was the four-hour baguette. I would love to be a bread baker but the lead time that is involved does not really jive with my cooking style so this bake is right up my alley. 

I woke up one morning and thought that pungent cheeses, charcuterie, and fresh baguettes were just what the day called for as an early dinner. After gathering all of the ingredients that I needed, and had on hand, it was a snap to get things going. The recipe is fairly uninvolved, making it perfect for a family day at home. 

The baguettes turned out beautifully with a wonderful crust that produced a tap-tap-tap when knocked on. I do not have the special baguette cutting tool, horrifying I know, and made do with the slice of a knife. Clearly not the "correct" effect but it worked for me and I say do what works for you! 

You can find the full recipe here. Happy Baking!

Xo - Kohli

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