Preakness Party!

Recently I hosted a Preakness party with (cool)Progeny and shared some easy entertaining ideas for a family friendly race day party. 

Preakness Party with Kids

Sometimes I like to go all out and make everything from scratch, but more and more these days I prefer to offer a mash up of homemade, and helper (this is what I call prepared food) items. I was lucky enough to partner with Whole Foods, which is where I do most of my shopping, for the wonderful fried chicken and one of the salads. 

I have hosted parties where I cook the fried chicken, slowly, in a cast iron pan in my kitchen and it is really good. Trust me, it's awesome. However, at the end of the day I end up spending all my time cooking and not enjoying my guests. It also gets hot, and greasy in my row house kitchen and I could skip that any day. Just let someone else cook your chicken, it will be ok. Put your love into another dish!

Preakness Party Cocktail Horses

One of my favorite parts of the party were the super sweet golden horses that adorned drinks, and galloped across the table. They were an unexpected addition to everyones Pimm's cup, and it gave the kids something to play with too. 

For more details about the party, and lots of fun photos jump on over to (cool)progeny and enjoy the full article, and a fun craft idea for the kids.

Thanks to Laura Black for the wonderful photos!

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