Summer Camp

Summer Camp - 2015

Summer camp is something that we all remember. Sometimes fondly, sometimes not. Regardless there are always stories and lessons learned. I learned it is best not to sign up for three week of overnight camp when you get so homesick you can't even spend the night at your best friends house. In the end I had a wonderful time, or at least that is how I choose to remember it. One of the things that I always looked forward to at camp was receiving care packages from home. And, in turn writing letters to my dear sweet parents. Mom always made sure to send really thoughtful items that she knew would provide comfort, motivation and make me feel special. I made sure to write very dramatic letters arguing my case for an early pick up! (Love you Mom.) 

→ Make sure your kiddo writes you lots of wonderful letter with the Notes From Camp Stationery set.

→ Nothing says I love you more than a supper cool card. This one even has a little patch they can sew onto something special.

→ No one likes bug bites stop bugs in their tracks with all natural Patio Oil Moisture Mist. I have been using it this summer and can't say enough good things about it.

→ Friendship bracelets are not just for friends anymore. Send you kiddo to camp with a daily reminder that you are thinking of them with a Chan Luu beaded bracelet. The bracelets are all handcrafted by artisans in Kenya as part of the Ethical Fashion International.

I hope your kids, and you, enjoy your summer and everyone has wonderful stories to share come fall.

XO - Kohli

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