Mother's Day: The Gardener

Mother's Day is next weekend and I have been busy gathering some of my favorite gift ideas for a few different types of Mom's. Today I am sharing ideas for the gardener Mom. Or perhaps for a Mom who just enjoys the outdoors and wants to bring a little of the outdoors inside.

Garden Mom - 2015

One: The Gladiolus kits, feature three soft yellow dwarf glad bulbs packaged in a clear recycled glass vase to grow these lovely blooms in. Included in the kit are the bulbs, grow medium, flower food and simple instructions. Just add water and set in a sun filled window!

Two: These Garden Sack's are awesome! A self-watering culinary herb kit featuring “wicking,” a passive hydroponic method, that brings water and nutrients up to the plants’ roots. So whether you forget to water or overwater or both, you are covered. The grow medium stays moist while providing space for oxygen, creating the perfect balance of water, nutrients and air. Super simple, and it's always so nice to have some fresh herbs on hand for cooking.

Three: Orla Kiely bags are so functional and so durable it's no wonder she is known worldwide. The tall stems print is the perfect bag for an flower lover.

Four: Skinny Vases by Jill Rosemwald are one of my favorite gifts. Perfect for stems just from the garden, or the farmers market. The small size makes them wonderful next to a sink, bed, or desk. Rimmed in gold these little ladies are a burst of color.

Five: A cast iron bird bottle opener, sure why not! For the Mom who loves a nice cold beer in her garden the bird adds just a touch of whimsy.

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