Gordy's Pickles, yes please!

Gordy's Pickle Jars

I am such a fan of anything pickled or cured and have been enjoying Gordy's Pickles for a few years now. They are one of my favorite gifts to give, and recently I have started cooking with them as well. This weekend I made the Spaghetti with Cherry Pepper Spread & Pangrattato that I found on the Gordy's blog.

Gordy's recipes

photo from Gordy's Pickle Jar

It was really easy to put together and ridiculously good. There are so many great recipes that highlight their products, and expand the possibilities of how I would normally use them. Try the Winter Spring Rolls with Thai Basil Jalapeños, or the Sweet Brine Pork and Pickles. We currently stock the Cherry Pepper Spread, Thai Basil Jalapeños, Hot Chili Spears, and Sweet Chips.

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