Lema J

New Lema J at Becket Hitch

Just in at Becket Hitch are Lema J cuffs! Founded by sister Jenny Benscher and Jill Becker in 2013 the cuffs are handcrafted out of exotic stingray leather, and lined with lambskin for a soft touch against the skin. Our first collection with Lema J includes wonderful neutrals like navy, tan, and cream. As the weather warms we will be adding pops of color in the brights that the line is so well known for.

First you fall in love with the design of the cuffs, then you will learn about the amazing Lema J mission.

The Karma for Cara Foundation was founded in 2012 by 21-year-old Cara Becker and her family while she was being treated for leukemia at Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center. Cara passed away in December of 2012 but her dream lives on through the vision and works of the foundation. The foundation has a three-fold mission of: engaging youth, awarding unsung heroes, and tangibly helping patients with leukemia. 100% of the profits from every sale is donated to the Karma for Cara Foundation in the hopes of furthering Cara’s mission and inspiring love, empowerment, motion and adventure in as many lives as possible.

I am so excited to have this line in the shop and know that you will love it as much as I do.

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