Haute Mess Kitchen

Haute Mess Kitchen

I am thrilled to announce that Haute Mess Kitchen has been added to the shelves of Becket Hitch! Some of you might recognize the rubs, ketchup and BBQ sauce from the Fells Point Farmers Market, or the Emporiyum. For those of you who are not yet familiar get ready, you are going to love everything about these kitchen accessories. Handmade in Baltimore by a stunning Mom of three whom I immediately fell in love with when she came to shop in the store. We got to talking about Quin candy, more on them later, and it lead to me asking about Haute Mess Kitchen. Everything that is put into the rubs and sauces are ingredients that you would willingly put into your body, like say, bourbon, red wine, and coriander. They are seriously good!!!

Last night I made BBQ chicken pizza using Chicken Scratch on the chicken, and Bourbon Bath as the base. I topped it with some mozzarella, blue cheese, red onions and all I want to do it go home and make it again tonight!

I cannot say enough about them, you just need to try them. And now all my friends know what they are getting when they invite me over for dinner!


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