Chesapeake Bay Chart

Chesapeake Bay Chart at Becket Hitch

I am so excited to share one of the newest additions to the shop with all of you! This Chesapeake Bay Chart is a bathymetric chart, the underwater equivalent of a topographic map. Crafted with Baltic birch and hand stained to carve out the waterways the map lends a new perspective to the Chesapeake region. Did you know that more than 150 rivers and streams drain into Chesapeake Bay, making it the largest estuary in the United States. It drains a basin of over 64,000 square miles into the Atlantic Ocean, but it's actually quite shallow. Its average depth is only 21 feet and almost a quarter of the bay is less than 6 feet deep.

These maps are truly stunning and have been crafted with such care and detail. Available both in store and in our web shop for $298. 

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