Baxter of California

Every year I struggle with what to get my Father for birthdays, Father's Day and Holidays. This year I have a few options that I hope will also help and inspire you with gifts for your dad.
I am a firm believer that men like bath products a little more than they might let on. Trying out a new personal care line might not be something that Dad seeks out on his own, but who would not welcome it as a gift? A travel set is a wonderful way to introduce someone to a new product line by providing a sampling of key products with great packaging and no commitment.

Baxter of California Travel Set

Baxter of California was founded in California in 1965 by Baxter Finley. The line started with a men's skin conditioner that offered protection from the California sun and sea. With a science + nature approach the line finds a balance between an old school concept and high-tech advancements. The line is one of Gary's favorites and he cannot say enough wonderful things about it.

Baxter of California Men's Products

Travel Set $50 | Daily Face Wash $17 | Oil Free Moisturizer $18 | Hand and Body Moisturizer $22 | Vitamin Cleansing Bar $16

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