Falcon Enamelware

This week Falcon Enamelware arrived in the shop and I'm not going to lie, I did a happy dance. I am a huge fan of enamel with an extensive vintage collection that is primarily decorative.  So of course I am now over the moon to be able to use enamelware daily in my kitchen.

Falcon Enamelware was founded in England in the 1920's and has become an icon of British home life. Made by fusing porcelain to heavy-guage steel, enamelware is known for it's durability. The pieces are dishwasher safe and oven-safe up to 530F. One of my favorite qualities about enamelware is that it does not break making it great for outdoor entertaining and life with children.

Using the pie dishes for my first voyage with enamelware baking, I picked up some plums at the grocery earlier this week and decided to make a crumble.

Falcon Enamelware Crisp

Falcon Enamelware Crisp

Falcon Enamelware Crisp

Two things...

1. The crumble was amazing, and you need it in your life. The recipe can be found here and is from Orangette which is a really lovely blog written by Molly Wizenberg.

2. Baking in enamelware was easy, and my new favorite thing.

And one more thing...

I absolutely love how all of the dishes nest for storage. Not having to rummage around with heavy glass and ceramic bakers that do not really fit into one another anymore seems like a dream.

You can find the Bake Set, Pie Set and Prep Set at Becket Hitch.

Bake Set Falcon Enamelware

Prep Set Falcon Enamelware

The 6 piece prep set includes 5 mixing bowls and one colander

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