Products We Love: Ladies Weekend

Products We Love

I am excited to introduce a new segment to the blog that I simply call Products We Love! This is one of the easiest and hardest parts of the blog for me. Easy because I have filled Becket Hitch with products that I love and use everyday. Hard because I have to limit myself in each post to only a few items.

Today I was inspired by my weekend.  The warm weather and sun gave me hope of warmer days ahead and I gathered up some of my summertime essentials. Items that I always have in my bag ready for the gym, pool, or work. In all honesty the chocolate bar is not always in my purse but I sure do wish it was!

→ Small Baggu leather clutch, holds all of my necessities and makes it easy to move from bag to bag.

→ Sunnies in Gold and White, perfect for errands and days by the pool.

→ Hair ties that look great on my wrist and don't pull my hair.

→ MCMC roll on perfume, because it's always nice to have someone ask you what fragrance you are wearing.

→ Sara Happ lip slip in pink, moisturizes and adds a touch of color.

→ hair clips for days when my hair and I are not on the same page!

→ Rollbahn notebook, an all time favorite. I always have one in my bag for notes, meetings, and grocery lists.

→ Mast Brothers collocate bar, because let's face it you should always have some chocolate in your bag!

XO, Kohli

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