Dress Your Pie
Pie Crust Ideas
Thanksgiving is only a week and a half away and many of my conversations this time of year revolve around holiday food and traditions. My Mom has hosted Thanksgiving as far back as I can remember making the holiday my favorite of the whole year. She always plans out the menu weeks in advance and has every detail down to the decorations on the pies thought out. When I came across these illustrations I immediately thought of her and the beautiful pies she creates each year. 
Featured in "The American Home" magazine in 1959 these illustrations demonstrate easy and creative ways to dress your pies. While I do not have a vegetable peeler or pastry brush that would do the job, I grew up with some that would and love knowing that these tools still exist in my Mom's kitchen. The drawer to the right of the fridge to be exact. You can find more creative ideas and the source for these lovely images here

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