• Evergreen Snowflakes

    Evergreen Snowflakes

    Thanksgiving has passed in a blur, December rolls in tomorrow and the first snow might be just around the corner. One of my favorite things about this time of year is fresh greens and their beautiful crisp scent. So much so that I have been driving around with a wreath in my car for a week and am starting to think it might never make it onto a door.

    I am in awe of these beautiful snowflakes that artist and blogger Mary Jo Hoffman created and shared on her beautiful blog Still. She has created an inspiring place filled with natural objects that she find in her nearby surroundings. This composition uses evergreens from her yard: red cedar, white cedar, red pine, white pine, balsam, spruce. 

    Her work a wonderful way to celebrate natures details and take a moment to reflect, something that I am trying to do daily during this hectic time of year. I hope that you enjoy her work as well, and take some time to find a moment of beauty in nature today. 


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