BALT is Best

BALT pillows

Everyone loves Baltimore, but we show it in different ways. Clearly a BALT pillow in your living room, on your bed, in your dorm room is one of the best ways to show your pride. 

Our new exclusive BALT pillows are pretty much amazing. Hand sewn on Boston's North Shore using 

Heirloom quality wool-blend felt, that is also made in

Massachusetts, these sweeties are pretty special. 

We just got a new shipment in and can't stop snugging with them. 

Pro Tip :: If you are thinking you know some one who would love one we suggest picking it up soon. They are handmade and can take 2-3 weeks if we run out... Just something to keep in mind with the holidays around the corner. (I know, I went there, but seriously, they are around the corner.)

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