March Madness Battle of the Candles

Welcome to BECKET HITCH MARCH MADNESS - Battle of the Candles!!!

Join us over on Instagram over the next four days for a chance to win a candle a month for THREE MONTHS, say what, that is amazing! 

The epic competition will decide once and for all, or at least for 2018, what the favorite candles at Becket Hitch is. The rules are simple, kinda...

1. Hop on over to Instagram and find the March Madness post. 

2. Comment on the post using the corresponding numbers for the candle you want to move to the next round for each bracket. Ex: 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15

3. Check back on Wednesday afternoon for Round 2 and vote again. 

4. Check back Thursday for Round 3 to vote one last time. 

5. Friday will we choose two winners! 

  •      First Place goes to someone who participated in all three rounds. They will win a candle a month for THREE MONTHS!!!
  •     Second Place will only have to vote in the final round and they will win one candle. 

6. For extra entires into either pool just tag a friend! 

7. Of course, be sure that you are following Becket Hitch too!


May the odds be ever in your favor. GO TEAM GO!!!



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