Book Club: 01

A few months ago I talked about starting a book club on Instagram with all intentions of getting it organized within a few weeks. Then came the task of choosing a book. So many of you recommended great ones, and I was overwhelmed with where to start. 

Spring break was fast approaching and I thought it is now or never, and then our spring breaks all turned into never as we canceled travel and started to hunker down at home. 

I was so excited for all the reading I was going to be doing while quarantined and I've done none. 

So today is the day. Today is the day that I start reading again each day. I'm so excited to be launching the Becket Hitch Book Club as a way to stay connected with all of you while doing done of my favorite things, reading. 

The first book that I have chosen is The Jetsetters by Amanda Eyre Ward. I chose a novel because I thought we could all use a little escape right now, and I wanted to keep the subject light and fun for the first book. Yikes, I hope this turns out to be light and fun! 

The Jetsetters

The book is about a mother and her three adult children who all come together on vacation after she wins an essay contest. While they travel through sun-drenched Greece, Italy, and Spain on a luxury cruise they deal with interpersonal issues and try to come together again as a family. Ok so that part sounds like it could be a little stressful, but let's focus on the luxury cruise through southern Europe apart, shall we? 

I for one, am looking forward to a little escape that does not involve a screen, cooking, or gardening. 

As of now, we will gather, virtually, on June 11th to talk about the book. If when we get closer to the date it no longer seems like a good choice I'll change it, within the same week, to better suit whatever our lives might look like at that time. 

You can purchase the book here. Or, if you prefer you can purchase it from your favorite independent bookseller. I just ask that you support a small business with your purchase of this book. 

XOXO - Kohli

Here is the ZOOM info for tonight's meeting at 7pm!


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