Guiding the Way

I am so excited about warmer weather, gathering around the fire pit on a crisp night, and lazy dinners outside with friends that seem to never end, in a good way of course. 

Forest Lantern on Dock

I am always looking for great outdoor lighting that is sturdy, transitional and beautiful for guiding our way into the night as the stars come out. For me, the Barebones Living lanterns tick all these boxes. Made of steel, powered by li-ion batteries, and charged with an ultra convenient USB these babies can go anywhere.

Beacon Lantern

From my son's bedside table, to your kiddos camp bunk they will guide them past all things that go bump in the night. (They also stay cool to the touch) Clearly these lanterns are beautiful, useful, and let's just say it awesome, but Barebones Living, the company who makes them, is amazing and gives back in so many meaningful ways. 

Barebones was founded in 2012 and focuses on developing products to further the Founder's humanitarian efforts and passion for helping people provide for their own basic needs. Seriously, they are a really cool company. They build structures (tents) that can be deployed and erected in disaster areas to provide shelter that is durable and long lasting. Barebones is committed to providing people with a long term solution not a right now one. For more information on their philosophy, and projects you can visit them here

Forest Lantern  Beacon Lantern


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