Living the Life in Maryland

We are all so busy this summer, in and out of town, friends are visiting, and tons of great dinners with friends. A favorite hostess gift is always something Maryland related. Perfect for a backyard BBQ or a long weekend at a friends beach house. 

Our newest edition to the shop is fast becoming a favorite. Letterpressed in DC, the A Note From Maryland boxset of 6 cards is a super easy quick pick up. We think they are perfect for thank you notes, and a hello from home for your campers this summer. 

The Maryland pillow is the go to gift for many of our loyal customer. It's a pretty safe bet that the recipient will not already have one and it's a nice way to keep home close to the heart. 

410 Glass Becket Hitch

Sure it is not as popular as the 404, but the 410 does have it's charm. Remind your friends of simpler times when there was just one Baltimore area code.

One of our favorites, the Crabby Sea Friends notepad is sure to put a smile on anyones face . It's the perfect size, beautiful paper, and with a little whimsy. 

Are you an East Coaster? Regardless if you are a transplant like myself, or a native there is just something about this coast. Pair with some 410 cocktail glasses or give them on their own. 


 Happy travels, and happy gift giving! 

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